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Call for Articles — SAAPHI Fall/Winter Newsletter

5 Oct

Do you have public health related news and views to share? Well, as a member of the Society for the Analysis of African American Public Health Issues, you are invited to submit articles for our newsletter.

We welcome submissions on ANY topic related to public health. Perhaps you would consider submitting an article about any of the following:

Work with a public health program or research project
Thoughts on a policy with public health implications
Commentary on a public health issue
Public health career advice
Local, state, or national public health events, projects or advocacy efforts
National Public Health Week events
For students – An internship or practicum experience

Please include the following with your submission:
Professional affiliation or if a student, Academic institution
Title of article
A headshot or picture of yourself engaging in public health work 

Also, please follow these guidelines:
12-point, Times New Roman font
No more than 300 words
Single spaced
List of references (if applicable)

Please email your article and any questions to


Sodium News — Call To Action

2 Jul

blood_pressureSign on Letter: It has been four years since the Institute of Medicine recommended that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) take action on sodium. Senator Harkin and Representative DeLauro urged the FDA to act in a recent op-ed and while the FDA may be prepared, the timeline is uncertain. To help support the FDA, we invite NSRI partners to co-sign a letter urging the federal government to take action. Please contact Elizabeth Leonard ( or me for more information.

Share the Scientific Consensus Statement: Thirty-four leading scientists have come together to affirm the link between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease. The statement is a clear message from the scientific community that lowering population sodium intake is key to preventing heart disease and stroke. We encourage you to share this with your networks. The attached statement is available here and in the press release.

Join the AHA’s Online Community for Sodium Reduction Leaders: The AHA recently launched a private online community for Sodium Reduction Leaders, which serves as a hub for those of us working on sodium reduction in public health. The AHA welcomes NSRI partners to create an account and join the community to find resources on sodium, responses to sodium news, and to upload materials.

HIGHTLIGHTED STORY: Government Shutdown Preventing Public Health Officials From Dealing With A Widespread Salmonella Outbreak

8 Oct



On Monday night, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a public health alert for raw chicken packaged in California. The chicken has been linked to nearly 300 salmonella cases across 18 different states, a widespread outbreak that appears to have begun in March.

While State health officials in California are still able to work, and are encouraging residents to make sure they’re fully cooking their chicken in order to kill potential bacteria; the CDC, which typically monitors multi-state outbreaks of food poisoning, has been forced to scale back to a “skeletal crew” during the current shutdown. All but two of the CDC’s health officials who typically analyze foodborne pathogens have been furloughed.


Read more here:


24 Sep

The United Nations  System Standing Committee on Nutrition (UNSCN), in collaboration and with financial support from the Public Health and Environment Department of WHO, have launched the photo contest Your FOOD, Your HEALTH, Your FUTURE! The initiative is aimed at young people aged 18 to 25 years affected by changes in their environment and wishing to voice their opinion on the links between climate change, nutrition and health. Deadline to submit photos is 11 of October 2013.

Your FOOD, Your HEALTH, Your FUTURE Photo Contest aims to gather pictures that communicate powerfully about problems and solutions but also encourage action. The three topics to be covered are:
–       the impact of climate change on nutrition and/or health;
–       the impact of food production, food consumption and food waste on climate change and the environment;
–       developing healthier, fairer and more sustainable food systems: addressing food production, food consumption and waste.

They particularly focus on finding pictures that communicate hope, optimism and the possibility of change and that convey a clear message to the scientific, economic and political communities.

An international jury of experts on the issues related to food, health and climate change will judge the images and pick the best pictures.

These pictures will then be used in a 2-minute video which will be shown on 12 November 2013, during theNutrition and Sustainability Seminar organized by the UNSCN in close collaboration with FAO, Bioversity International and the Government of Malawi.  Short-listed images will also appear on the UNSCN website and official publications.

You will find more information about the campaign and photo contest under the following links:
–       UNSCN website
–       The English Facebook page
–       The French Facebook Page

For more information, contact the UNSCN Secretariat.