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HIGHLIGHTED NEWS: FDA Proposes “daily value for added sugars” on Nutrition Facts labels.

27 Jul


IMPORTANT NEWS! FDA Proposes “daily value for added sugars” on Nutrition Facts labels. This means 1.The percent daily value for added sugars would be on the Nutrition Facts label, and 2. The amount of sugar would be shown in teaspoons (not just grams). The science-based proposal is now subject to a 75-day comment period.

If you too believe this is important, I recommend you contact the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to let them know you support it!…/Newsr…/PressAnnouncements/UCM455837.htm

Southern California Public Health Association hosts the Health Equity WEBINAR: Strategies to Address Disparities in Diabetes Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management

7 Jan

Health Equity WEBINAR: Strategies to Address Disparities in Diabetes Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, health inequities are “reflected in differences in length of life; quality of life; rates of disease, disability, and death; severity of disease; and access to treatment.” These inequities are quite apparent when looking at diabetes. The burden of diabetes and diabetes-related complications and death is much higher for racial/ethnic minorities than for whites.

The Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality has reported the following:

  • Different studies found that African Americans are from 1.4 to 2.2 times more likely to have diabetes than white persons.
  • Hispanic Americans have a higher prevalence of diabetes than non-Hispanic people, with the highest rates for type 2 diabetes among Puerto Ricans and Hispanic people living in the Southwest and the lowest rate among Cubans.
  • The prevalence of diabetes among American Indians is 2.8 times the overall rate.
  • Major groups within the Asian and Pacific Islander communities (Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, and Korean Americans) all had a higher prevalence rate than non-hispanic whites.

On Wednesday January 14, 2015 12PM (PST) SCPHA will be hosting a webinar, facilitated by Dr. Belinda Nelson, of the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes. Dr. Nelson will discuss the existing disparities, as well as provide an overview of strategies and best practices that the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes coalition sites are utilizing to reduce these inequities in diagnosis, care, and treatment.

The overall objectives of the Webinar:

  • To build participants theoretical understanding of health equity
  • To build participants understanding of disparities in diabetes diagnosis, management, and care
  • To inform participants on how programs can be designed to address health inequity in chronic disease outcomes

To register for the webinar: