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CURRENT RESEARCH: Blacks with Certain Gene Need Lower Doses of Warfarin: Study

27 Aug


African-Americans with a common gene variant (found in more than 40% of blacks
in the study) require about 7-9 mg less of the blood thinner warfarin per week. Genetic testing for that gene could lead to safer and more effective dosages, and is supported by the FDA — but it is expensive and not widely available in some areas

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CURRENT RESEARCH: Racial, Cultural diversity in cancer research helps reveal better answers

18 Jul

A new study (the American Cancer Society’s third Cancer Prevention Study) is recruiting 300,000 adults with no personal history of cancer from a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds in order to better understand the roots of the disease and disparities in affliction rates. Researchers will examine the lifestyle, environment and genetics of participants in the hopes of finding some common factor that causes (or prevents) cancer.

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