Call for Self-Nominations: SAAPHI Governing Board

4 Feb
The Society for the Analysis of African American Public Health Issues (SAAPHI) is accepting nominations for open positions on the Governing Board. All nominees must be members of SAAPHI at the start of their term. Terms will be retroactive from the date of the last SAAPHI Annual Meeting (November 15, 2014), which took place in New Orleans, LA.
Nominees will serve to promote the SAAPHI mission:
  • To initiate and assist in the improvement, development, maintenance and utilization of appropriate databases for the understanding of health problems and needs of African American communities.
  • To promote the utilization of scientific information on African Americans in program and policy decisions.
  • To formulate and advocate appropriate public policies for health promotion and disease prevention among African Americans.
  • To facilitate professional development and leadership skills among its members.
Current SAAPHI Officers:
President: Natasha Brown, 2014-2016
President-Elect: Open Position
Co-Treasurers: Cheryl Blackmore Prince, 1991-present
Laurie Elam-Evans, 2011-present
Secretary: Open Position
Board Member: Kesha Baptiste-Robers, 2013-2015
Board Member: Khaliah Fleming, 2013-2015
Board Member: Sandy Asari-Hogan, 2013-2015
Board Member: Open Position 
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Board Member: Open Position
Open Positions:
One (1) President-Elect (2-year term, rotates up to President, and Immediate Past President of SAAPHI). The President–Elect shall perform all duties as designated by the President, serve as Chair of the Membership Committee, Serve on other committees as appointed by the President, perform all duties of the President in his/her absence, and succeed to the office of President in the event of vacancy and serve until the term expires.
One (1) Secretary (2-year term). Responsibilities include: take minutes during monthly conference calls, send out notices of all meetings of the organization, perform other duties as pertaining to the office and as assigned by the President, serve on other committees as appointed by the President.
Nine (9) Board members (2-year term). Responsibilities include participating in monthly conference calls, joining two service committees, generating ideas for the annual meeting, representing SAAPHI at APHA section meetings and committees.
Self-nominations should be submitted by February 20, 2015 to Please include a CV and a brief 1-paragraph bio of the nominee outlining:
  • Background and experience (students and faculty are both encouraged to apply)
  • Involvement with SAAPHI and APHA (if you are new to both organizations please state accordingly)
  • Vision for SAAPHI
Example Statement:
“Jerry Smith is an Associate Professor at New Jersey University, who does research on community-based interventions to prevent type 2 diabetes in African Americans. He has been an APHA member for 5 years, and a SAAPHI member for 2 years. He has served as a member of the diversity committee. His vision includes increasing the prominence of SAAPHI and bringing a prevention focus to the organization”

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