Sodium News — Call To Action

2 Jul

blood_pressureSign on Letter: It has been four years since the Institute of Medicine recommended that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) take action on sodium. Senator Harkin and Representative DeLauro urged the FDA to act in a recent op-ed and while the FDA may be prepared, the timeline is uncertain. To help support the FDA, we invite NSRI partners to co-sign a letter urging the federal government to take action. Please contact Elizabeth Leonard ( or me for more information.

Share the Scientific Consensus Statement: Thirty-four leading scientists have come together to affirm the link between sodium intake and cardiovascular disease. The statement is a clear message from the scientific community that lowering population sodium intake is key to preventing heart disease and stroke. We encourage you to share this with your networks. The attached statement is available here and in the press release.

Join the AHA’s Online Community for Sodium Reduction Leaders: The AHA recently launched a private online community for Sodium Reduction Leaders, which serves as a hub for those of us working on sodium reduction in public health. The AHA welcomes NSRI partners to create an account and join the community to find resources on sodium, responses to sodium news, and to upload materials.


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