Book Release: Obesity During Pregnancy in Clinical Practice

17 Dec

Kesha Baptiste Book IMAGESAAPHI members have contributed to a new book, Obesity During Pregnancy in Clinical Practice published by Springer in December 2013.  Kesha Baptiste-Roberts, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor, Penn State College of Nursing and College of Medicine, Department of Public Health Sciences and SAAPHI Governing Board member co-edited the book, along with Wanda K Nicholson MD, MPH, MBA, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  The professional-level medical textbook highlights the evidence on obesity during pregnancy and postpartum, giving clinicians the knowledge necessary to communicate with patients about effective lifestyle interventions and highlights where future efforts should be targeted to break the cycle of obesity in mothers and their offspring. Baptiste-Roberts authored a chapter titled “Maternal Obesity and Implications for the Long-term Health of the Offspring,” and co-authored another chapter with a former SAAPHI Governing Board Member and active SAAPHI member, Dr. Tiffany L. Gary-Webb titled “Body Image as a Contributor to Weight in Pregnancy and Postpartum: Racial Differences.”.


Provides concise and understandable summaries of the evidencebased,
theory-driven lifestyle interventions that have been shown
to be effective for weight loss and modifying the risk of developing
diabetes and obesity

▶ Focuses on translating the state of the science for the busy
practitioner in a easily accessible format in the day-to-day clinical
setting does not exist

▶ Summarizes the effects of overweight/obesity in the childbearing
years that can be effectively communicated to patients by their
providers in a busy practice setting


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  1. Alice Campbell March 4, 2014 at 7:33 am #

    Nice book thank you for the sharing book with have to highlights very well for that book.

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