29 May

Dear SAAPHI Members:


Initially, I hope this message finds you well. In light of the recent presidential proclamation for April to be observed as National Cancer Control Month, how are you supporting national efforts to prevent cancer? As a doctoral candidate in Health Education at Texas A&M University, I am currently conducting my dissertation research, which seeks to advance understanding of the intersection of male role norms, knowledge, attitudes, and intentions to screen for colorectal cancer (CRC) among young adult African-American men (TAMU IRB2013-0088).


**Why should I care about this research?** The playing field is not even as it relates to deaths from colorectal cancer for African-American men. There is a critical need for exploring the poorly understood, complex factors that may shape intentions to screen for CRC among men who are younger than those traditionally assessed by health promotion researchers and clinicians (i.e., African-American men, ages 19-45). Ultimately, my proposed research will contribute to solutions that eliminate disparities in health, cancer, and healthcare, moving closer to the long term goal of achieving health equity for all in the U.S.


**Am I qualified to participate?** If you are an African-American male between 19 and 45 years old living in the U.S., then you are qualified to participate by completing a survey at It will take approximately 30 minutes of your time.

**How can I help if I’m not qualified to participate?** Spread the word via email, word of mouth, text message, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.!

**Will participants be considered for any incentives?** Absolutely! Those who complete the survey can choose to be considered for 1 of 4 incentives:

     (1) Google Nexus 7 tablet valued at approximately $200,

     (2) Beats by Dre PowerBeats In-Ear Headphones valued at approximately $140,

     (3) Amazon Kindle Fire valued at approximately $110, or

     (4) Apple TV with 1080p valued at approximately $100.

**Who should I contact for more information/questions?** Contact me, Charles R. Rogers, MSAS, or 919-438-24


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