SAAPHI Newsletter Articles Submission Policy

28 May


The Society for the Analysis of African American Public Health Issues (SAAPHI) blog ( will act as SAAPHI’s newsletter. The newsletter will

help draw visibility to SAAPHI

offer our members an additional opportunity to get involved in SAAPHI

allow SAAPHI to broadcast the wide array of activities that takes place within the organization.

The SAAPHI Communications and Media Committee will review, edit, and approve all published articles submitted to the newsletter.

The newsletter will provide announcements, particularly those regarding SAAPHI teleconferences, webinars, mentoring seminars, and events held at the APHA annual meeting. The newsletter will also cover a variety of interesting public health topics relevant to people of African descent.

Article topics may include: professional development, public health toolkits, book reviews, policy briefs, field reports, and commentaries, messages from the Chair, as well as highlights and abstracts on original research.


Submissions to the SAAPHI newsletter will be accepted from SAAPHI members and their associates. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis. All submissions should be sent to

Submission Requirements

Submissions should be between 250 – 700 words. However, the SAAPHI newsletter will accept submissions at greater length, particularly if covering original research or programmatic reporting.

Submissions should be relevant, covering the topics of public health, wellness, and under-represented populations.

Submissions are accepted as articles, book reviews, policy briefs, field reports, commentaries, as well as highlights and abstracts on original research. SAAPHI has a keen understanding as to how  diverse public health workforce will help to reduce ethnic and racial public health disparities and is dedicated to encouraging and supporting public health students of African descent. For this reason, Graduate students seeking volunteers for their dissertations or other research projects may submit a brief summary of their topic to the SAAPHI newsletter, as well as contact information for volunteers to respond.

Examples of Suggested Topics

  • An instructional/informational article discussing grant resources, how to find them, and what to include in a LOI or proposal
  • An article reporting on a National Public Health Week (NPHW), Minority Health Month, Women’s Health Month, or any other public health event
  • Articles in support or against a particular health policy
  • A general committee report about committee activities planned for the year
  • A general committee report introducing committee members & chairs
  • A synopsis or review of a SAAPHI webinar presentation
  • An article analyzing the impact of a health policy
  • An article explaining the benefits of a mentor
  • An article explaining how to seek out and benefit from relationships with mentors
  • An article on navigating academia from the perspective of a student and/or faculty
  • An article on opportunities for employment in the public and private sector
  • Discussion on alternative health resources
  • Interdisciplinary discussion
  • Article on strategies to recruit African Americans to research
  • Articles on methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Article on resume writing
  • Article on the benefit of joining and being actively involved in professional organizations

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